How Do You Sign Into a Different Hotmail Account?

Hotmail, now called Outlook, is Microsoft’s free email service. There are several easy ways to switch to a different Outlook account when a user is currently signed in. Depending on whether you want to easily be able to switch between two frequently used accounts, or whether you are signing in to a different account one time only, you may want to set up multiple profiles in Outlook or sign in to a different account using private browsing.

If you wish to sign in to an Outlook account while another user is currently signed in, the quickest and simplest route is to use a new private browsing window to sign in. In Google Chrome this is called Incognito Mode. Because the cookies normally saved by the browser are not used in private browsing windows, this will allow you to sign in to your account without forcing the other user to sign out.

If you frequently find yourself switching between multiple Outlook accounts, you may want to set up multiple profiles so you can easily switch between inboxes. To do this, you will first need to create a new profile using the Outlook application. Select the Windows icon, then use the search function to find the Control Panel. In the Control Panel, search for Mail, and select the Mail icon that appears. The Mail Setup box should then appear. Next select Show Profiles and then select Add. You will be prompted to enter a name for the new profile. The application will then prompt you to add the email address you wish to use.

Once you have multiple profiles set up, you will be able to switch easily between profiles without signing out. You will also have the option to choose a default profile to use when Outlook starts.