What Are Some Side Effects of Taking USANA Products?

Some side effects that have been associated with USANA products include indigestion, foul odor in stool and heartburn. However, there have not been any clinical studies to establish the exact side effects produced by these products, notes BrainReference.com.

USANA products are supplements that contain essential vitamins and minerals to boost healthy human development. They are available in the form of pills, energy drinks and other types of body care products. These supplements largely contain natural ingredients, which is why they are often regarded as safe, states DietSpotlight.com.

Some USANA products are advertised as being able to help individuals lose weight. This in turn reportedly helps them regain better health and live a happy lifestyle. Another set of USANA products is advertised as being able to help boost cardiovascular health. The products are also used to boost the nutritional intake of individuals that lack certain types of nutrients.

A common complaint from individuals who have used these products is that they make their stool give out a foul odor. Another side effect commonly raised is the fact that the products may cause individuals to experience episodes of heartburn. Indigestion, heart palpitations, aches and pain are also some of the issues that users have raised regarding these supplements, states DietSpotlight.com.