What Are the Side Effects of Taking Cyruta Plus?

The manufacturer does not list potential side effects of the Cyruta Plus supplement, but side effects of certain ingredients in the supplement, such as buckwheat, include lowered blood sugar levels, states WebMD. Diabetic individuals or those with compromised immune systems should consult a doctor prior to taking Cyruta Plus.

Among the active ingredients in Cyruta Plus are dried buckwheat, buckwheat juice and bovine adrenal extract. Though all of these ingredients have been listed as safe to take by mouth, they do have potential side effects. In addition to potentially lowering blood sugar levels, buckwheat can increase an individual’s potential for sunburn. Though it is unknown whether or not buckwheat has an effect on pregnant or nursing women, it is advisable for expecting mothers to avoid the use of buckwheat at medicinal levels, suggests WebMD.

Exposure to buckwheat may cause some individuals to develop an allergy, notes WebMD. People who develop rashes, runny nose or difficulty breathing should stop taking the supplement.

Adrenal extract is derived from the adrenal glands of slaughtered animals. Because of this, one of the biggest concerns with taking any supplement containing adrenal extract is the potential of contagion from bovine spongiform encephalitis, or “Mad Cow Disease.” Individuals should never take an adrenal extract produced in a country where there has been an outbreak of BSE, states WebMD. Likewise, anyone with a high potential for infection, such as individuals with HIV, should not use Cyruta Plus or other medications containing this extract.