What Are the Side Effects of Iberogast?

Iberogast has been on the market as a supplement for several years and has not been reported to cause severe side effects in average patients. However, due to its chemical makeup, it can cause side effects in people with certain pre-existing conditions, such as those who have an allergy to ragweed, according to EMaxHealth.

People who are allergic to ragweed need to take particular caution in taking Iberogast because it contains chamomile. This can bring about common allergic reactions such as swelling of the throat or itching of the skin as a result of taking Iberogast, EMaxHealth reports. In the most extreme cases, it can cause anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition, which can potentially combine the allergic reactions of swelling and itching with possible dizziness, fainting or a weakening of the pulse, all within just minutes of an allergic reaction, according to Mayo Clinic.

Another rare set of side effects has been found to Iberogast in consumers of the supplement who experience adverse reactions to licorice root. A prominent ingredient in Iberogast, licorice root has been reported to bring about fatigue, headaches and high blood pressure in those most sensitive to it, and in particularly extreme cases, cardiac arrest can occur, reports EMaxHealth.