What Are the Side Effects of Bojenmi Tea?

Bonjenmi tea is a natural herbal tea that is used by dieters. However, the tea does have a laxative side effect because it contains an ingredient, sickle-pod senna, known to be a stimulant laxative. Taken in excess amounts, the tea may cause the tea drinker to suffer from vomiting, stomach pain or diarrhea.

Bonjenmi tea is considered a slimming tea and is referred to as bai cha in Chinese. Known by its English translation of white tea, the beverage’s main ingredients are shan zha or hawthorn fruit and mai ya, germinated barley.

The tea, which promotes healthy bowel functioning, works the best when it is consumed with meals. Health practitioners suggest that tea drinkers consume the beverage three times a day after steeping the tea bag with hot water for three to five minutes.

The tea originates from the town of Xiamen on Egret Island, the home of a large number of egret birds. The island was settled during China’s Tang Dynasty, from 618 to 907 A.D. Today, the island is home to over 1 million people and is a well-known commercial center and scenic area. Bonjenmi tea is one of Xiamen’s main exports. The tea was awarded for its taste and attributes by the French in 1986.