What Side Dishes Are Good With Chicken Cordon Bleu?


Side dishes that work well with Chicken Cordon Bleu include salads, potatoes, asparagus, green beans or pasta. The heaviness of this meat dish is best balanced by a light and zesty vegetable dish.

Chicken Cordon Bleu is a French dish made of ham and Swiss cheese rolled up in a thin layer of chicken. This roll has a crunchy coating and is topped with a gravy made of pan drippings, white wine and Dijon mustard.

Since Chicken Cordon Bleu is so filling and highly caloric, it is usually paired with lighter veggie dishes. A side salad topped with a zesty vinaigrette matches the strong flavor profile of the chicken, while being light and adding a nice crunch for the mouth. Other veggie dishes that work well include asparagus and whole green beans. These vegetables can also be topped with the same gravy as the chicken for a well-blended dish. Starchy potatoes, either roasted, mashed or twice baked, provide a soft, warm flavor profile to counter the tangy chicken.

For a very filling meal, consider pairing Chicken Cordon Bleu with pasta. A single roll of chicken served atop a bed of Fettuccine is more than enough for a special dinner. The pasta may be plain and topped with the Cordon Bleu gravy, or seasoned with lemon, butter and rich herbs and spices.