Do Shur Flo Gutter Guards Get Good Customer Reviews?

ShurFlo gutter guards have gotten mixed reviews as of 2016. gives very positive reviews of the ShurFlo gutter guards with an average rating over nine out of 10. On the other hand, user ratings on give ShurFlow only one or two stars out of five.

The average rating of ShurFlo gutter guards on is 9.6 out of 10 stars. The website claims ShurFlo can handle heavy rainfall and remains free-flowing if properly maintained, and it also works when covered by wet leaves or other debris.

A contractor on Angie’s List also reports that ShurFlo, which has a mesh-style cover, is better than solid-cover gutters. In addition, ShurFlo keeps leaves out, while only allowing small debris inside. only has negative one and two-star reviews of ShurFlo gutter guards. One user claims that while the guards keep leaves out of the gutter, they trap a lot on top, resulting in water not going into the gutter and a waterfall over the gutter during heavy rain. Another review claims that the guards fail to keep out pine seeds.