What Are Some Show-and-Tell Items That Start With the Letter “N”?

Show and tell items beginning with the letter “N” may include a necklace, noodles, a nickel, novel or a nectarine. If students are allowed to bring in a guest, they could bring a friend or family member who is a nanny, neighbor or a nurse.

In the classroom, show and tell often revolves around items or keepsakes that has meaning to the child. However, show and tell sessions that tie to letters of the alphabet can include household or everyday items, such as a nut, neckerchief, napkin, necktie, newspaper, nightgown, notebook or nozzle.

When displaying items during show and tell, students are often asked to explain how the object works, what it means to the child and how it benefits others. For example, napkins can be used to clean off hands and spills, whereas a notebook could display a story or narrative the child has written. Show and tell typically fosters an informal environment where children can share their knowledge and favorite things with classmates. It is also designed to reveal more about themselves to encourage peer bonding. By bringing objects that begin with the letter “N,” students also work on identifying this letter of the alphabet by observing items in their homes or the classroom.