How Do We Show Respect for Our Country?

Tetra Images/Getty Images

Showing respect for one’s country, or the Untied States, involves showing respect to the flag. Therefore, certain protocols are followed in displaying and handling the flag, The banner should never be shown with the union down unless the flag is being used as a distress signal. Also, the right hand is placed on the heart when reciting the country’s Pledge of Allegiance, which is a tribute recited during flag-raising events.

The Home of Heroes website states that a flag code is followed in the handling and displaying the American flag. For example, the flag should never be transported horizontally, but should remain free and aloft. The code also states that the flag should not be used for drapes, bedding or clothing.

The banner should not be displayed or stored in a way that would cause it to be soiled or damaged. The code also states that the flag should not be used as a ceiling cover and should never be defaced with any kind of insignia, letter or marking.

In addition, flag protocol dictates that the flag should not be used to hold or carry items. It should not be used for advertising and should not be embroidered on handkerchiefs or imprinted on anything that will be used and thrown away.

A flag patch may be attached to a policeman’s, fireman’s or military officer’s uniform. Flag lapels, according to flag etiquette, should be displayed on the left lapel above the heart.