How Should You Write Senior Night Speeches?

Write a senior night speech much as you would a graduation speech by picking a theme and adding your personal take on what it means for you and your classmates. Incorporate elements that resonate with your audience, such as funny senior moments and local inspirational news.

  1. Pick a theme

    Pick a theme for your senior night speech, such as never forgetting your roots or focusing on the important things in life. Present the topic in the introduction of your speech so listeners know the direction you are taking.

  2. Incorporate personal anecdotes

    Incorporate personal stories in the body of your speech, such as funny moments that your classmates have shared together, observations about favorite teachers or other memories from previous years of school. Tie in current events around your community, such as inspirational local heroes or monumental events, to further solidify a sense of closeness in the group.

  3. Conclude with words of wisdom

    Conclude your speech by offering inspirational quotes that resonate with you on a personal level, as well as those that express your view on what it means to celebrate your senior year of high school. End with the hope that all of your classmates attain their future goals and that they never forget where those aspirations took root.