How Should I Write a Letter of Encouragement to My Son?

A letter of encouragement written from a parent to a son should include words that show support for the son’s goals and dreams, an emphasis on the trust and faith the family has in his quest and an offer of assistance. The tone of a letter of encouragement should be positive and inspiring.

When a parent is writing a letter of encouragement to a son, the piece should begin with an explanation of why the parent is proud of the son’s accomplishments thus far. In a friendly and supportive tone, the letter should detail how the parent believes in the son’s abilities to accomplish the task at hand and show examples of how he has succeeded in the past. These words of encouragement can boost the son’s self-esteem and confidence. In addition, the letter should include strategies or tips to help the son accomplish his goal, such as experiences the parent has endured that are similar and actions taken to conquer challenges. The parent should also convey how the family supports the son’s decisions and actions and offer to help in ways that are appropriate. For example, if funding is necessary and the parent has the means, an offer of financial support is encouraging. Extending an ongoing promise of moral support is also a powerful way to support a son in his endeavors.