How Should You Write a Church Anniversary Speech?

To write a church anniversary speech, include a welcome to new and existing members, outline the accomplishments of the ministry from its beginning to the anniversary, note the significance of the anniversary and explore how members can get involved. A church anniversary speech should also begin or end with a prayer.

  1. Welcome attendees to the anniversary

    Begin the speech by offering a sincere welcome to parishioners attending the anniversary event. Phrases such as “we are honored to have you a part of this celebration” or “welcome to our house of the Lord” set the tone for a sincere speech celebrating a significant event in the church.

  2. Discuss the church’s accomplishments

    Outline the goals met by the church from its beginning to the date of the anniversary. For example, if the church contributed to charities, mission programs and community ministries, note how these contributions helped others.

  3. Note the significance

    Explain to church members how the anniversary impacts the church itself and the community. If a parish has been in existence for 50 or 100 years, detail the importance of its history, and recognize long-standing members. Request that the church members continue this tradition by donating their time and talents in the future.

  4. Offer a prayer

    Recite a prayer or blessing for the members of the church, the mission of the parish and the hope for many more anniversaries.