How Should You Write 6th Grade Graduation Speeches?

When crafting a speech for a 6th grade graduation, students should provide an opening sentence that is humorous, memorable or inspirational. The speech should include a welcome to guests of the graduation, an acknowledgement of the work of all graduates, examples of accomplishments and achievements of the class as a whole and a piece of advice for graduates.

The graduation speech should provide details about the journey that led to the graduation. For example, when writing the speech, the student may choose to mention the importance of friendships among classmates, the academic struggles overcome by the graduates, the teachers who were influential to the students, the qualities of the school that students might miss the most, and extracurricular clubs, athletic teams and activities that were memorable. In the speech, students may want to thank administrators, teachers, parents and fellow classmates for the support during their academic journey. In addition, tips or advice for the next year in middle school should be included in the speech. For example, in the speech, students may recommend that graduates get involved in school spirit activities, sports teams, drama productions and musical groups to help them meet new people and take advantage of the middle school’s resources.