What Should You Wear to a Banquet?

To understand what attire is appropriate for a banquet, the individual should know how formal the banquet is. Suitable clothing for a black tie banquet is much different than that of a casual banquet.

A white tie banquet calls for the most formal garb. Men should wear a full tuxedo with a tail coat, while women should wear a long, fancy evening gown.

Black tie events and any variations require that men sport a tuxedo, while women must wear a dressy evening or cocktail dress.

At a semi-formal banquet, men should wear a suit. Women can wear a short cocktail dress or a blouse and skirt.

An event with a business-formal dress code expects both men and women to come in conservative suits.

At casual banquets, men may wear a polo shirt and khakis, while women may wear a sundress or a shirt and dress pants.