Should You Use Dawn Dish Soap on Your Hair in Order to Lighten It?

Dawn dish soap is a good way to lighten dyed and chemically treated hair. This substance helps wash out additional dye and color, thereby making tones and shades lighter than before. Dawn dish soap is safe to use on hair, and is an acceptable addition to a dye remover for fixing hair color.

Dawn dish soap helps remove excess and unwanted dye from colored hair, thereby making darker shades into lighter tones. This is an ideal option in instances where boxed or professional coloration results in a much darker look than anticipated. It is cheap and easy to use, either straight from the bottle in place of a regular shampoo or mixed in to a bottle of shampoo or conditioner for regular use.

The dish soap acts as a mild bleach because it contains abrasive chemicals traditionally used for cleaning dishes, cutlery and surfaces throughout a home. This product is often used as an at-home remedy for greasy hair, as Dawn dish soap helps remove natural oils in hair follicles.

There is a minimal impact on the color and shade of hair by using Dawn dish soap. This is an ideal trick for people who need to bring up the brightness on their hair styles a little bit, but more than that requires additional bleaching or dying with a hair treatment kit designed for that use.