Why Should You Unplug a Toaster Oven When It Is Not in Use?

Sandy Jones/Photodisc/Getty Images

According to Consumer Affairs, toaster ovens and other appliances, under the wrong circumstances, can be a hazard. Toasters and toaster ovens can either turn on spontaneously or fail to turn off at the end of a cycle; therefore, the safest practice is to unplug them after use.

There have been numerous recalls on toaster and toaster ovens because of a potential fire hazard. Safety experts found that when the appliances are connected to an electrical outlet, the heating element could energize and impose a fire hazard. If the appliance is near flammable items, it can also cause fires through combustible ignition.

Leftover breadcrumbs can create problems in toaster ovens. Toasted bread is fragile and crumbs often fall to the bottom of the toaster oven. When the crumbs accumulate, they can easily catch fire during normal operation. Many toaster ovens have removable trays for easy cleaning. According to Consumer Affairs, owners of toaster ovens should clean their appliance regularly.

By unplugging appliances at night, the homeowner can save money as well as a noticeable amount of energy. Although this may seem futile, several unoccupied appliances can add up to a significant amount of wasted energy. To avoid the tedious task of unplugging the toaster oven along with various other appliances, many people use a surge protector to control the power for multiple devices.