Why Should Students Go on Field Trips?

Laurie Sullivan/CC-BY 2.0

Field trips are beneficial to students because they allow students to see how what they are learning is applied in the real world. Field trips also give students an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, which may help keep the classroom routine from getting monotonous.

The majority of field trips students are taken on are educational ones and allow students to see the way that the world works outside of the classroom. Field trips give students the opportunity to see how what they are learning will apply to them when they are out of school. It can give them an idea of things that they may want to do when they have completed school and can also give them an opportunity to see how other people live their lives.

Students may not be aware of all of the cultural implications of certain jobs and industries, and field trips give them the opportunity to see these implications. Field trips are also ideal for students who may become bored with the classroom routine. They are particularly helpful for classes that have a large amount of repetitive material and can help students get excited for continued learning. Field trips hold the ability to make a classroom more lively and can provide energy for bored students.