How Should Someone Say Thank You for a Monetary Gift?

Someone who is saying thank you for a monetary gift should acknowledge the money, without mentioning the amount. For example, they should say “Dear Aunt Jude, thank you for your generous gift.”

In addition to acknowledging the money, people saying thank you for a monetary gift may wish to:

  • Detail how they wish to spend the money. For example, write “Your gift is going to make a valuable contribution to my vacation fund this year.”
  • Close with, “I look forward to seeing you again soon.” Other ways to acknowledge the time include writing, ‘”It was lovely seeing you at my birthday party.”
  • Acknowledge the giver directly. For example, “Dear Uncle Bob.”
  • Keep the message concise. People who want to talk to the gift giver a little more should consider calling them or writing an email. Thank you cards, however, are not the right place for a lengthy message.
  • End the card with an appropriate salutation. For family members, this may mean “love from” whereas others may prefer “best wishes.”
  • If the gift came from two people and they are not part of a couple, it is polite to write a separate card for each of them.
  • If the gift comes from a collective of people, such as coworkers, consider writing a card to them collectively, but send it to a place where they are all likely to see it.