What Should Someone Say When Presenting an Award?

An award presenter should summarize the history and significance of the award being given, then honor and introduce the award recipient. The speech should be brief, positive and cheerful.

The speaker can open the speech by commenting on the current occasion and why it is important. For example, the award presentation may be occurring at a company dinner or a yearly conference event that has become central to the organization’s history. The speaker should say something about the significance of the award, such as whom it was named after, or what it has come to symbolize. The speaker may also wish to mention the names of past recipients. The point of this is not to detract from the current recipient’s special moment, but to signify that the recipient has entered into revered company.

The speaker should then introduce the award recipient by mentioning what the recipient has contributed to the organization and why they have earned the award. The speaker should summarize and praise the recipient’s accomplishments. A funny or inspiring quote either by or about the recipient can engage the audience and highlight what is special about them. If the speaker knows the recipient well, they can add in a personal story or insights into the recipients best qualities. Finally, the speech needs to be short, at about 3 minutes or less. The star of the ceremony is the recipient, not the presenter.