What Should You Say in Volunteer Appreciation Speeches?

Caiaimage/Paul Bradbury/OJO+/Getty Images

Outstanding volunteer appreciation speeches should emphasize appreciation for volunteers through denoting how and why their specific actions have contributed to the goals that they share with the speaker. Examples of philanthropy can be given through personal anecdotes that relate to a volunteer’s efforts to improve lives.

The beginning of the appreciation speech should immediately identify and thank the volunteer for joining the speaker’s cause through selfless donations. Next, the speaker should greet the audience and summarize the objectives of the organization in the context of the volunteer’s contributions. A potential example of this might highlight the volunteer’s involvement with people whose lives were directly and positively affected by volunteers themselves.

The speaker may also choose to honor contributions through noting previous tributes made by others on behalf of the volunteer or by telling commemorative stories about individuals and communities working under a common purpose. If an award such as a trophy or certificate is to be presented to the volunteer, the speaker should conduct the presentation with additional recognition of the volunteer’s value to the organization with a grateful emphasis regarding continued involvement with its community. The speaker should conclude the speech by thanking the volunteer once more and finally request the audience’s applause.