What Should You Do If You Notice a Constant Humming in Your Head?

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A constant humming in the head, also known as tinnitus, can be eased by rest, changes in diet and lifestyle, and avoiding loud noises, or it can be masked by other competing noises, according to MedlinePlus. Tinnitus is often a symptom of ear infections or exposure to loud noises.

Other sounds, such as ticking clocks or low music, can help alleviate tinnitus, explains MedlinePlus. This is more useful late at night because an individual is more likely to hear the humming in their head when the house is quiet. The noise from humidifiers, white noise machines or even a dishwasher can help to drown out the humming noise.

Rest is an important part of alleviating tinnitus, according to MedlinePlus. Sleeping with an elevated head can also help to reduce head congestion, which can in turn help reduce the effects of Tinnitus. Stress can exacerbate the effects of Tinnitus, so practicing relaxation techniques sometimes helps.

Changes in diet and lifestyle can help those with tinnitus, states MedlinePlus. These changes include avoiding alcohol, caffeine and smoking. If the tinnitus occurs after a head injury or in conjunction with feelings of dizziness or nausea, the individual should contact a physician immediately. Consulting a medical professional is also important if there has been noise in one ear only for several weeks,