What Should Be Included in Thank You Speeches for Teachers?

US Department of Education/CC-BY 2.0

A thank you speech for a teacher should include personal references to specific things that the teacher has done. Optimally, there should be some mention of the ways in which the teacher has helped create positive changes in the speaker’s life.

Thank you speeches to teachers are common at various events throughout a school year. At official gatherings, such as school assemblies or graduations, a student may want to make special mention of the ways in which a teacher has helped. Sometimes the student may want to highlight how a teacher has assisted with academics or offered support and guidance while the student faced personal challenges. Often, teachers are celebrated by parents and other educators because of their particular teaching style.

In addition to listing examples of how the teacher has helped students academically and personally, an appreciation speech may also mention the various roles the teacher has played in the school and within their community. If possible, the speech should take the time to highlight a few personal anecdotes about the teacher, such as his or her favorite quotes, foods, colors or subjects. Sometimes, speeches include some type of presentation to the teacher, such as flowers, a gift certificate or a decorative plaque.