What Should You Include in a Walk to Emmaus Agape Letter?

Pilgrims on the Walk to Emmaus receive agape letters from friends and family members that serve the basic purpose of letting them know how loved and valued they are. Each letter is as unique and individual as the person who writes it, but in essence all of them communicate love.

Use the letter as an opportunity to express appreciation for the pilgrim and to detail significant and personal aspects of the relationship between the letter writer and the pilgrim. Those who have already participated in a Walk to Emmaus will have the advantage of understanding the context in which the agape letters are received and the general spirit and atmosphere of the Walk.

Because this is an experience of spiritual renewal in a Christian context, letter writers may want to make references to Christ and to prayers for the pilgrim. However, even those who have not attended a Walk or who may not share the same beliefs can write an appropriate letter by focusing on the special relationship that they have with the pilgrim.

As much as possible, the agape letter should communicate love, support and friendship to the pilgrim in whatever words seem natural and authentic to the writer.