What Should Be Expected Post-Papilloma Surgery?

A person should expect post-papilloma surgery to spend time resting and to need to take pain medication for a few days; however, most people do not require any other special treatment, reports the New YorkTimes, as the surgery is relatively simple. The intraductal papilloma, which is the reason that women need papilloma surgery, is a lump that is found within the breast duct and is not cancerous reports Healthline.

The intraductal papilloma procedure carrieslittle risk or complications other than the standard surgical risks. The possible risks and complications include infections, anesthesia risks and bleeding problems reports the New York Times. Most of the time surgeons will also perform a biopsy to check for cancer within the breast. If cancer exists in addition to the intraductal papilloma, then there will need to be another surgery.

The long-term outlook for someone with intraductal papilloma surgery is positive and most women will recover quickly without any problems, according to Healthline. Unfortunately, intraductal papilloma cannot be prevented but with self-exams at home and breast exams at the doctor’s office, early detection is more likely, so Healthline recommends that women come in for annual mammograms as well as perform “monthly breast self-exams” at home. Early detection gives women the greatest chance for a successful surgeryand recovery.