How Should You Compose a Letter of Request?

David Hanover/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Compose a letter of request by introducing yourself, making the request and then asking the reader of the letter to take a particular action. You need pen and paper or a computer and printer. Writing the letter of request should take under an hour, though the time may vary depending upon the nature of the request.

  1. Compose the heading and the salutation

    Compose the heading and the salutation using standard letter format.

  2. State your request

    Introduce yourself, and identify what you want the reader to do in the first paragraph of the letter.

  3. Give more details

    Use the second paragraph to provide specifics pertaining to your request and any reasons you can give for making the request. If you expect resistance to the request, persuade the reader to grant your request in this paragraph. Some requests may not need this section if the request is a simple one that provides a benefit to the letter’s recipient as well as to you.

  4. Ask for action

    Use the last paragraph to repeat your request. Give the reader a time frame in which you need the request to be granted.

  5. Close the letter

    Add an appropriate and complimentary close to the letter, followed by your signature.