What Should You Do If You Are Caught in a Severe Storm While Boating With Passengers?

If the boat is caught in a storm the speed should be reduced while ensuring that enough power is available to maintain steering and headway. All the hatches, windows and doors should be closed. Unnecessary gear should be stowed away. The boat’s navigation lights should be turned on. In case of lightning, the electrical equipment should be disconnected. Everyone on board should be asked to move away from metallic objects.

All the passengers should be made to wear the USCG approved life jacket. The jackets should be securely worn. The passengers should sit on the floor of the boat in the center so that the boat would be more stable. It is a good idea to go to the nearest shore but if the boat is already caught in the storm, it is better to be in open water as the winds and waves would be higher at the shore. The bow should be at four hundred and fifty to the waves. In case the engine stops, the sea anchor should be dropped so that drifting can be reduced during the storm. If anchor is not there, a bucket can be used. In case the sea anchor is not able to do the job, then it is better to use the conventional anchor so that the boat can be stopped from drifting.