When Should You Call the Fire Department?

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The most common reason the fire department should be called is when a person observes an unplanned, uncontrolled fire at a home, business, automobile, or any other location. People can dial 911 and request the fire department.

If the smell of gas is present in a home or other structure, the fire department should be called. The call should be made outside of the building, in case there is a gas leak. If gas is present, anything can cause it to ignite and explode.

The fire department often responds to emergency calls that are not fire related. Emergencies include vehicle accidents, construction accidents, firm alarm calls, hazardous material releases and medical aid. The quickest way to alert the firefighter is through the 911 system.

Fire trucks are often used to block the roadways in the cases of large accidents. In many instances of medical emergencies, the fire department is dispatched along with an ambulance. Firefighters have quick response times and most have a paramedic background.

911 should only be called in the case of an emergency. It is important that callers can provide an address, phone number and the type of emergency. If 911 is accidentally dialed the caller should not hang up, but wait until the answers and explain it was a mistake. If callers hang up, police may be dispatched.