What Should You Do If a Baby Drinks Spoiled Milk?

If a baby drinks spoiled milk, rinse her mouth with water. The baby may vomit due to the milk’s taste, but foodborne illness usually does not result, according to The Stir. Seek immediate medical attention if the baby develops diarrhea, fever, prolonged vomiting or blood in the stool.

Keeping milk cold is a key factor to maintaining its freshness, according to the Dairy Council of California. After purchasing milk, it is best to go directly home and refrigerate it at a temperature of 38 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing milk as far back from the refrigerator door as possible limits its exposure to warm air.

It is best to store milk tightly closed and in its original container, according to the Dairy Council of California. After using milk, it is important to return it to the refrigerator as soon as possible. Leaving milk at room temperature for too long allows bacteria to multiply and spoil the milk. Discarding leftover milk is recommended, as returning it to the container may contaminate the remaining milk. If milk is left at a temperature above 40 degrees for more than two hours, it is best to discard it, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.