What Should You Do If You Aspirate Blood Before Giving an Intramuscular Injection?

If blood is aspirated before giving an intramuscular injection, Drugs.com recommends removing the needle immediately without injecting the medication. The syringe and medication should be discarded and a new syringe prepared. When administering the injection again, it is best to use a different injection site.

An intramuscular injection is used to administer certain medications that need to be given into the muscle to work properly, according to Drugs.com. Safe injection sites include certain muscles in the thigh, hip, upper arm or buttocks. The upper arm site should not be used if the muscle is very small or the patient is very thin, and the buttocks site should not be used for children less than 3 years old. To prevent scarring and skin changes, it is best to use a different site with each injection. Potential risks of intramuscular injection include infection, pain, numbness or bleeding.

Several items are needed to give an intramuscular injection, including an alcohol wipe, gauze pad, disposable gloves and an appropriately sized needle and syringe, according to Drugs.com. When giving the injection, inserting the needle into the muscle at a 90 degree angle is recommended. To decrease pain, it is best to inject the medication slowly.