How Should an Army Class B Uniform Be Worn?

The Army Class B uniform is composed of dark blue trousers or skirt, a white button-down shirt and a colored beret. A dark blue jacket with areas to display awards, commendations and service stripes is optional. Men may wear a dark-colored tie with the uniform, and women may wear a neck tab. In informal situations, the neckwear is not required.

According to the U.S. Army, there are several acceptable variations of the Class B uniform. The uniform may be worn with combat boots or dress shoes; women may wear dark-colored pumps. In cold weather, a variety of types of outerwear are acceptable, including an overcoat or a cardigan sweater. A lightweight windbreaker can also be worn with the Class B uniform only, which is different from the Class A uniform. Gloves and scarves that comply with Army uniform regulations can also be worn.

The Class B uniform was designed with feedback from soldiers and officers collected over the course of two years. The Class B uniform can be worn with a combat service badge and an overseas service badge, recognizing different types of military service. It also consolidates uniform color options, putting all soldiers in blue uniforms rather than in green, blue and white.