What Is a Short Summary of “Robinson Crusoe?”

“Robinson Crusoe” is about an adventurer who is shipwrecked on a desert island. The book was written by Daniel Defoe and was first published in 1719.

Robinson Crusoe was shipwrecked after a severe storm. He was the only survivor, and he immediately began to build a shelter and search for food for survival. He tried to salvage as much as possible from the shipwrecked ship and save things that he thought was useful. He began to write in a journal so that he would be able to remember what happened to him while he was on the island. He learned many useful skills, including fishing and farming. During his time on the island, Crusoe began to talk to God and reevaluate his religious beliefs.

After 15 years on the island, Crusoe discovered footprints in the sand but no signs of people. Years later, he spotted cannibals on the island. He spotted them again sometime later and noticed a victim escaping. Crusoe presumed the victim had managed to survive a shipwreck he spotted earlier in the year. Crusoe saved him, named him Friday and taught him how to speak English.

Crusoe and Friday were eventually rescued from the island after they helped the captain of the ship escape a mutiny. Once in England, Crusoe discovered that he was wealthy. He married and had three children, but Crusoe still wanted to continue his adventures.