What Is a Short Summary of the Book “Treasure Island” by Robert Stevenson?

“Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson is a classic tale of a young boy named Jim Hawkins who finds a map of a pirate treasure island in the mid-1700s. He and his compatriots find the island, overcome a crew of mutinous pirates and return to England with the treasure.

A pirate named Billy Bones comes to stay at the Admiral Benbow, an inn owned by Jim’s mother. When he dies, Jim and his mother find a treasure map. Jim takes it to Doctor Livesey and Squire Trelawney, who agree to outfit a ship and search for the treasure. Long John Silver, who signs on as cook but is in fact a notorious pirate, enlists a crew of pirates. As soon as the ship reaches the island, the pirates mutiny. Jim, separated from the rest of the loyal crew, finds an Englishman marooned on the island, Ben Gunn, who agrees to help in return for a share of the treasure and safe passage to England. After a series of battles several of the pirates and loyal crew members are killed. Jim beaches the ship they came in to prevent the pirates from escaping in it. Long John Silver recaptures Jim and takes him along as the pirates search for the treasure.

When the pirates arrive at the treasure site marked on the map, they find the treasure gone. Livesey, Trelawney and Gunn, in a last stand, overcome the pirates. It turns out that Ben Gunn had long ago found the treasure and moved it to his cave. The loyal crew sail back to England, but Long John Silver escapes along the way. When they reach England, they divide up the treasure.