What Is the Short Story “The Voter” by Chinua Achebe About?

Angela Radulescu/CC-BY-2.0

The short story “The Voter” by Chinua Achebe is about old customs and monetary bribes colliding to rig a local village election, which looks at the relationship between African culture while exposing the conflict between traditional African beliefs and the modernism introduced by British colonialism. The short story comes from a collection of 12 short stories titled, “Girls at War and Other Stories,” which was published collectively by Random House in 1991 and was available for sale on August 1, 1991.

Achebe is an internationally renowned novelist who has always looked at the major social and political shifts and viewpoints that confront contemporary Africans in their day-to-day lives. He is a Nigerian author and one of Africa’s most celebrated writers. He follows the struggle and turbulent transitions of his native Nigeria from colonization to independence. There were several efforts to suppress Achebe, but he continued to write and drew worldwide attention to the dilemmas that independent African nations, such as Nigeria, face when pursuing democratization. His first novel was called “Things Fall Apart.”

Achebe was born in the Ibo tribe in Eastern Nigeria. Because Nigeria has had many and continues to have many volatile military coups, Achebe has decided to spend most of his years in exile in the United States.