What Are Sheffield Watches?

Sheffield is a well-known brand of watch that is considered a symbol of status and luxury. Similar to the more modern Timex brand, Sheffield was a popular watch during the 60?s; more recently they are considered to be rare watches and are favorites among watch collectors. Sheffield watches were considered affordable watches during the 60?s but can cost as much as $1,500 as of 2014.

Several brands of watches were introduced during the mid-to-late1900s, but the Sheffield watches are one of the most popular because they were cheap and aesthetically pleasing. The quality and durability of Sheffield watches are also remarkable as many of these watches are still in use today. These watches are now being auctioned online, and displayed and sold in antique shops and jewelry stores around the world. They may be battery operated, but most are wind-up models.

Sheffield watches are Swiss-made and come in a wide variety of styles, from old-style pocket watches to men’s or women’s styles with leather or gold bands. These timepieces can be worn like a simple wristwatch or can be placed inside a pocket. The vintage appeal of these watches makes them a trendy fashion that is much in demand today.