What Shape Has Six Sides?

Dimitri Otis/Digital Vision/Getty Images

A shape that has six sides is called a hexagon. A hexagon is a flat polygon with straight sides.

A hexagon is a polygon that can be considered regular or irregular. A hexagon that has six sides that are all the same length is considered a regular hexagon. If the hexagon has sides that vary in length, it is considered an irregular hexagon.

Hexagons can also be considered concave or convex. If all of the angles are pointing outward and are less than 180 degrees, it is a concave hexagon. When any of the angles are pointing inward or are greater than 180 degrees, it is a convex hexagon.

To determine whether a shape with six sides is a true hexagon, there are two tests that the shape must be able to pass. The sides must not be curved and the sides must all connect. If the sides do not connect, it is not a polygon of any type and is not even considered a shape in mathematical terms. The predetermined properties of a hexagon state that the interior angles must add up to 120 degrees, the exterior angles must add up to 60 degrees and the area must equal approximately 2.5981 times the length squared.