What Are the Seven Stages of Life?

The seven stages of life are infant, childhood, teenager, young adult, adulthood, retirement and the elderly stage. The origin of the seven stages of life came from an ancient Greek philosophical view. The belief is that there is an association between these stages and the cycle of the planets.

The infant stage begins at birth and lasts until the age of four. During this stage, characteristics are rapidly developing, especially in comparison with other stages. The childhood stage, between ages four and 13, is when the child develops their character, personality and own form of intelligence. The planet mercury represents this stage.

The teenager stage takes place between the ages of 14 and 22. Impulsive behavior, personal expression and first love are all characteristics of this stage. The young adult stage begins at the age of 23. During this stage, people begin to act more mature and make more logical decisions. The sun represents this stage of life.

Adulthood begins at the age of 40 when people feel their life is passing them by. Age 55 is the start of retirement when people develop a sense of wisdom and can focus less on hard work and more on leisure activities. The final stage of life is elderly and lasts for the remainder of the human life.