What Are the Seven Army Values?

The seven values of the U.S. Army are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless services, honor, integrity and personal courage. Together, they all form the acronym LDRSHIP.

Loyalty involves putting faith in and allegiance to the U.S. Constitution as well as the Army, a soldier’s own unit and his fellow soldiers. Duty means that a soldier must fulfill his responsibilities as part of a team, but it is more than merely accomplishing assignments.

Respect involves treating people in a correct manner and with dignity, and it includes not only trusting other people but also exerting the best possible effort. Selfless service means putting the country’s welfare over a soldier’s own, and this also applies to the soldier’s unit and to his subordinates.

Honor is living an honorable life by carrying out the other Army values in everything that a soldier does. Integrity is sticking to moral principles and doing what is right even if no one is watching, and it is a powerful tool to improve a person’s trustworthiness and value.

Personal courage involves facing fear or danger in order to carry out a responsibility or doing what is right and honorable, even if it means endangering one’s own life in the process.