How Do You Set up a TP-LINK Wireless Router?

In order to set up a TP-LINK wireless router, connect the wireless router to the main router, login to the TP-LINK interface using the IP address on the wireless router’s label, configure the wireless network and then disable the DHCP server before rebooting. This process will make the TP-LINK wireless router a wireless access point to an already-existing wireless network.

A TP-LINK wireless router can be used in conjunction with an existing main wireless router to extend the wireless network and create a new wireless access point. Use the following steps to set up a TP-LINK wireless router.

  1. Connect the TP-LINK router to the main router
  2. Connect the main router to the TP-LINK router’s LAN port using an Ethernet cable.

  3. Login to the TP-LINK web interface using the IP address on the new wireless router
  4. Once logged in to the interface, click on “Network” and then “LAN,” then change the LAN IP address of the TP-LINK router to the address of the main router. The system will then reboot.

  5. Configure the wireless network
  6. Click on “Wireless” and then “Wireless Settings,” From here, users can create the name of the wireless network, configure the channel and create a password. After doing so, click on the save button.

  7. Finally, disable the DHCP server and reboot
  8. Go to “DHCP” on the left menu, and disable the DHCP server. Go to “System Tools” and “Reboot,” then click to reboot and finish the TP-LINK wireless router setup.