How Do You Set up a Belkin Wi-Fi Extender?

To set up a Belkin Wi-Fi range extender, connect the range extender to a computer and a power outlet, then use Belkin’s Web-based setup page to configure the extender to the Wi-Fi and create an extended network. The Web-based setup page guides users through the process of creating an extended network.

Belkin Wi-Fi range extenders create a larger network out of an already-existing Wi-Fi signal. The extender plugs into the wall and allows the Wi-Fi network to reach further and be stronger throughout the surrounding area. Use the following steps to set up a Belkin Wi-Fi extender.

  1. Plug the Wi-Fi extender into the computer and a wall outlet.
  2. Use an Ethernet cord to connect the extender to a computer, and then plug the extender into a power outlet.

  3. Turn off the computer’s Wi-Fi and go to Belkin’s Web-based setup page.
  4. Enter “http://Belkin.range” into a Web browser to reach the setup page.

  5. Click on “Get Started” and select the computer’s 5 gHz wireless network.
  6. Click on the computer’s 5 gHz network and enter the network’s password when prompted.

  7. Click on the computer’s 2.4 gHz network and create an extended network.
  8. Press next and locate the computer’s 2.4 gHz Wi-Fi network. Click “Next” and then click on “Create Extended Network” to successfully create a more extended network out of the computer’s Wi-Fi signal.