How Do You Set Tumi Luggage Locks?

Jason Kuffer/CC-BY-2.0

Tumi brand luggage comes with Transportation Security Administration approved combination locks that may be quickly set to the combination of the owner’s choice with the press of a button and the turn of a few dials. Once set, the lock is secured from opening by anyone except for TSA agents, who have a master key for searching luggage when legally required to do so.

  1. Set the combination

    Turn the dials on the Tumi luggage lock until they show the current combination of the lock. For new locks, the preset combination is 0-0-0. The numbers should align along the small grid line running across the width of the dials.

  2. Locate the reset button

    Find the reset button on the lock. The button should be located either at the side of the lock toward the top or at the bottom. Press the side button, and hold it down to enable you to reset the combination. The bottom button may need to be pressed inward using a pen.

  3. Set the new combination

    Turn the dials to the new combination while holding down the button. Make certain that the numbers on the combination dials are even with the grid line. Release the button to set the new combination in place.