How Do You Set the Time and Date on the Armitron WR165 Watch?

To set the time on the Armitron WR165, first press the top left button “A”, then press the top right button “C” to reset the seconds. Press the bottom left button “B,” then press “C” to set the correct hour. Press “B” and “C” again to set minutes and date.

The Armitron WR165 watch features four main buttons: a top left button labeled “A,” a bottom left button labeled “B,” a top right button labeled “C” and a bottom right button labeled “D.” Press and hold “B,” and wait for the time to flash. Press “C” to set the correct time. Repeat again, and press “B” to move on and set the date. Information flashes in a specific order, so to change only one item, continuously press “B” to move on to the next piece of information. The order is seconds, hours, minutes, day, month and day of the week. To finish and go back to the main display, press “B” one last time.