How Do You Set the Time on an Armitron Pro Sport Watch?

To set the time on an Armitron Pro Sport watch, press the Mode button until the time display opens. Hold the Mode button until the alarm display appears, and then let it go. Hold Mode again to access the screen where the time is set. Press and hold the Alarm button, and use the Mode button to choose between a 12- or 24-hour clock; release the Alarm button to select.

Hold the Adjust button, and use the Mode button to select either the American or European calendar setting; release Adjust to confirm.

Use the Alarm button to set the seconds to zero, and move to the minutes function by pressing the Adjust button. Press and hold Alarm until the correct minutes are set. Change to the hours function by pressing Adjust, and then use Alarm to choose the hour.

To finish setting the Armitron Pro Sport watch, set the date and week day by pressing Alarm and Adjust respectively. Press Mode to save.

The calendar setting on the Armitron Pro Sport watch can be accessed at any time by holding in the Adjust button. Letting go of the button automatically returns it to the time display. The watch also features a chronometer that can be accessed with one press of the Mode button. The Adjust button both starts and stops the chronometer, while the Alarm button resets it completely. Return to the time display with another push of the Mode button.