How Do You Set a Sony Dream Machine Alarm Clock?

Ged Carroll/CC-BY 2.0

To set a Sony Dream Machine alarm clock, first press the clock button and set the year, month, day and time. Use the + or – buttons to adjust each setting as necessary before setting alarm A or B to the desired sound and time.

  1. Set the year

    Set the date and clock by pressing the clock button for at least two seconds until the machine beeps and the display flashes the year. Use the + and – buttons to set the Sony Dream Machine to the correct year.

  2. Add the correct month, day and time

    Press the clock button again to set the month. Then press it again to set the clock to the correct day and time. Each step needs to be completed within 65 seconds or the machine cancels the clock setting mode.

  3. Designate the desired alarm sound

    Choose the preferred alarm sound by pressing the alarm mode button and setting the machine to either buzzer or radio. Once the alarm time appears on the display and the alarm A or B indicator becomes illuminated, use the + or – buttons to set the alarm to the desired time.

  4. Fall asleep with the radio on

    To keep the radio on for a set amount of time, set the sleep timer for 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes by pressing the sleep button, which turns the radio on. Continue pressing the sleep button until the timer is set to the desired length of time.