How Do You Set Motion Sensor Lights?

Set a motion sensor light by turning the head of the light in the direction of your choice, then set the “On-time” switch to “Test” before adjusting the range. Walk in front of the light several times, and readjust the range frequently until its at your desired level.

  1. Turn the signal head

    Use your fingers to turn the signal head up, down, left or right. Ensure that the signal head is pointing in the exact direction you want. Then, use a screwdriver to tighten the screws to keep the signal head in place.

  2. Put the unit in testing mode

    Find the “On-time” switch, and flip it to the “Test” position to set the detection zone. Wait a couple of minutes for the unit to warm up before doing anything else.

  3. Adjust the range dial

    Look for a dial on the unit with the words “Range” or “Sensitivity.” Then, turn this dial to either lengthen or shorten the zone.

  4. Walk in front of the light

    Walk back and forth in front of the light to see if the signal head detects you. If it detects you too soon, adjust the dial to a shorter distance. If it doesn’t detect you soon enough, adjust the dial to lengthen the distance. Continue this process until you reach the desired detection zone. Then, flip the “On-time” switch back on.