How Do You Set a Magic Chef Mini Fridge?

To set a Magic Chef mini fridge, begin by plugging in the power cord. Set the thermostat dial to number seven, and shut the door. After 15 to 20 minutes, set the temperature control to the desired level.

On the thermostat, the dial runs from one — the warmest level — to seven, the coldest. The dial works on any setting, including spaces between whole numbers. In order for ice cubes to form in the freezer compartment, the thermostat must be set to number seven. If the refrigerator is unplugged, the appliance should not be reset for three to five minutes. If it’s plugged in too soon, the refrigerator often does not work properly.

To set up a Magic Chef mini fridge, place it in an area that does not have temperature extremes. The floor should be sturdy and level. The refrigerator does not work properly in a recessed area, so no wall or other object should prevent the door from opening completely. Leave 5 inches of open space between the wall and the side of the refrigerator. The power cord must plug directly into an outlet, so no extension cord should be used.

If the power cord ever becomes damaged, the refrigerator should not be used. A qualified technician should replace the cord.