What Services Does the AT&T Benefits Center Offer?

The AT&T Benefits Center offers medical and alternative care products, insurance and personalized services to AT&T’s employees and retirees. The center also allows AT&T employees to enroll in the Employee Assistance Program, which offers expert financial guidance to employees, retirees and their families.

AT&T built the Benefits Center to cater to the welfare of its workforce and retirees. Employees access the center by entering their user IDs and passwords on Hewitt’s online portal. The portal takes logged-in users to a personalized directory that lists their benefits and holiday information. All current and past employees of AT&T are eligible to join the center.

AT&T partnered with Hewitt Associates, a human resources consulting firm, to build this online directory, which provides personalized care to AT&T’s employees. The Benefits Center informs employees and retirees about the company’s benefits plans and indicates the plans that employees are eligible to join. Health benefit plans include dental, vision and general medical coverage.

The Benefit Center also provides health insurance plans that cater to AT&T’s employees and their families. In addition, the Benefits Center offers advice on retirement and pension plans. In particular, the Benefits Center assists retirees to make retirement investments and set up their retirement kitties.