What Services Does Sam’s Club Tire and Battery Centers Offer?

As of 2015, Sam’s Club Tire and Battery Centers sell a wide selection of tires and batteries for different makes and models of cars, trucks and sports utility vehicles, along with other related accessories for car maintenance. The centers also install and balance qualifying tire purchases.

The majority of the inventory available at a Sam’s Club Tire and Battery Center consists of standard tires from manufacturers such as Michelin, Goodyear, BFGoodrich and Dunlop. Customers are able to purchase all-weather tires as well as winter tires, both in-store and through the Sam’s Club website. Online purchases also enable the customer to browse different sizes and styles, and compare pricing and features from several models and brands. Purchasing a full set of tires also comes with a free installation on the vehicle, along with a balancing, which ensures that the tires retain the proper position to provide equal contact with the ground.

Additionally, the attendants at these centers are able to inspect tires for damage and advise on the proper methods for purchasing tires. Other items for sale at Sam’s Club Tire and Battery Centers include maintenance items such as motor oil, windshield wiper fluid and air filters, and the tools to perform different repairs at home. The website for this section of Sam’s Club also sells these items, and it include details about different tire and battery sales and rebates.