What Services Are Provided on the Internet?

Companies provide services through the Internet including email, Skype, Twitter, instant messaging and videoconferencing. The World Wide Web and instant access to information are among the important services provided using the Internet. Other fundamental services provided through the Internet include e-commerce, e-learning, e-health and Internet banking.

The Internet has become a fundamental necessity to living, working, interacting and communicating with people. The services offered through the Internet allow individuals to become part of the global world. Communication technologies provided using the Internet, such as emails, allow for an easy, cheap and simultaneous communication among many people from various parts of the world. Customized mailing groups and bulletin boards for groups of users have enhanced collaboration on various tasks such as homework. In addition, the Internet allows people to have access to a common folder or files, this enhances timely completion of projects.

The Internet allows companies to create websites and blogs through which they make their operations public to the world. Many institutional libraries have taken advantage of the Internet to enhance users’ access to information. For instance, the replacement of the manual catalogue with the electronic catalogue has increased efficiency in the search for books and journals in many libraries. The application of innovative Internet services in business such as health, education, commerce, banking and sports, has enhanced efficiency in service delivery. Social networking such as Facebook allows people to connect with friends and the rest of the world. Finally, people may spend their free time playing online games with other connected people.