What Are Some Services Offered by Quest Diagnostics?

Quest Diagnostics offers a wide variety of tests for patients, doctors and hospitals, including tests for allergies, celiac disease, diabetes, heart disease and cancer screening. The Quest Diagnostics website has a list of diagnostic tests for patients, posted in alphabetical order from “Allergy & Asthma” to “Vitamin D.”

Each diagnostic test in the list has a link to more information about the conditions and how they can be detected. Prescription drug testing is also offered by Quest Diagnostics to help monitor effects of medication that patients are taking, according to the company website. With the resources for health care providers, the available tests can be searched by medical condition of the patient and by physician specialty. A more detailed and technical list of medical tests is made available on the website to physicians and hospitals. There is also a link in this section to an online directory of Quest Diagnostics services.

Other services the company offers are tests for vitamin deficiencies, sexually transmitted diseases and the presence of alcohol or drugs. Quest Diagnostic laboratories also provides diagnostic services to detect asthma and to pinpoint specific causes of allergies. Quest additionally performs several prenatal tests including genetic diagnostics, infection detecting and screenings to assess other aspects of mother and baby’s health.

For companies and organizations, Quest Diagnostics offers clinical trials and resources for pain management. Drug testing services are available to employers.

Other resources available on the Quest Diagnostics website include instructions to find Quest Diagnostics facilities, schedule appointments or have test reminders sent to patients. Information about how to prepare for certain tests is also offered.

Quest Diagnostics is a leader in diagnostic testing services with locations throughout the United States. There are also Quest facilities in Mexico, India, Ireland and the UK. Another service they provide is sending reminders to patients when they are due for a test.