What Features Does Infinite Campus Offer for Students?

Photo Courtesy: Infinite Campus/YouTube

Student information systems (SIS) have become incredibly popular in recent years. Offered online, these systems make it easier for school districts and families to offer and receive real-time access to curriculum tools; to enable course registration and grading; and to share other communication and reporting needed for education. These systems have also proved extremely helpful during the novel coronavirus pandemic — a time during which distanced learning has become a "new normal" for students and teachers.

One of the most popular SIS offerings is from the software company Infinite Campus, which currently works with 7.8 million students from 2,000 school districts across 45 states. For over 25 years, the company has offered extensive learning and teaching solutions for scholars, teachers and parents, which is all part of the company’s commitment to streamline educational processes. So, what sets Infinite Campus apart — and how does it benefit students?