What Features Does Infinite Campus Offer for Students?

By David NaarLast Updated Jan 29, 2021 4:30:11 PM ET
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Student information systems (SIS) have become incredibly popular in recent years — and for good reason. Existing online, these systems offer a blend of convenience and education. That makes it easier for school districts and families to offer and receive real-time access to curriculum tools, to enable course registration and grading, and to share other valuable communications and reports that can promote academic progress. These systems have also proved extremely helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic — a time when distance learning has become a key part of the "new normal" for students and teachers.

One of the most popular SIS offerings comes from the software company Infinite Campus, which works with nearly 8 million students from 2,000 school districts across 45 states. For over 25 years, the company has offered extensive learning and teaching solutions for students, educators and parents, which is all part of the company’s commitment to streamlining various educational processes. But what else sets Infinite Campus apart — and how does it benefit students?

What Exactly Is Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus is an SIS that supports kindergarten through 12th-grade students, as well as their parents and educators, in a variety of ways. It’s also the name of the company that created its eponymous SIS. The company Infinite Campus was founded in 1993 by Charlie Kratsch and, since then, the goals of the organization have been to foster collaboration between educators and families, to personalize learning and to assist with efficiency — especially when it comes to enrolling students, recording attendance and grading work.

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According to the company, "the SIS serves as a district-wide transactional data warehouse, allowing student data to be entered once and used across the district in real-time, supporting data-driven decision making." In essence, the software streamlines numerous processes involved in managing students’ online data, and it also provides various data — such as grades — to parents. One of the best parts of Infinite Campus? Because the SIS is web-based, teachers, parents and students have access to the information stored there at any time and from just about anywhere.

How Does Infinite Campus Benefit Students?

Between juggling learning, home life, friends and extracurriculars, students can face a variety of scheduling demands, which is why Infinite Campus aims to make everything just a little bit easier to manage. For starters, students are able to log into Infinite Campus from both a mobile app and a web-based application, which means the information they need is always at their fingertips. They can also connect with educators via the platform to get more information about coursework and answers to their questions.

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Infinite Campus makes staying in touch with teachers easier, and it also allows students to receive real-time notifications about their grades and district-wide alerts, such as snow days. Additionally, students can access class assignments, study guides, class schedules, syllabi and other resources their teachers provide. Not only does Infinite Campus make coursework more accessible, but, by removing barriers to education and resources, it also allows students to be more accountable for and connected to their education.

How Can School Districts Use Infinite Campus for Instruction?

Using Infinite Campus, teachers are better-equipped with tools that allow them to more effectively manage their classrooms and communicate in real time with students and parents. For example, educators have the ability to enter and view scores for assignments and tests, create lesson plans and send students and parents pertinent alerts.

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Additionally, educators have tools to dig deeper into various data compiled in the Infinite Campus platform. They can perform an analysis of test scores and offer more personalized scoring rubrics that not only provide feedback but that also suggest potential solutions for areas where their students may have missed the mark. Educators can then tailor their lessons more effectively to address these areas that need improvement.

In a testimonial, Andi Hudson, who serves as Director of Technology at Durant Independent School District in Oklahoma, praised the software for its streamlining capabilities. "[The] Campus Learning Suite provides our district with the tools necessary to offer anytime, anyplace learning for our students and an exemplary user interface for our teachers," she shared. However, this software is not just for teachers; in fact, administrative staff are able to send messages about school activities and programs. They can also manage enrollment, health and scoring records and easily retain employee information all in one convenient place. Another perk? Infinite Campus comes equipped with professional development resources as well.


How Can Parents Use Infinite Campus?

Infinite Campus also encourages parents to sign up for the service, stating that "parent engagement has a direct correlation to student success... Students with engaged parents are more likely to have higher self-esteem, lower absenteeism, and earn high grades or test scores." With Infinite Campus, there’s no more hiding bad report cards — in fact, parents can access grades, disciplinary notices and other announcements through this SIS portal.

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In particular, parents are fond of Infinite Campus’ mobile app. "When my daughter started her freshman year, I became an avid mobile app user. I am on my phone all day constantly checking grades, assignments, attendance…you name it," shared mom Katy Yates of Brighton, Colorado. "Being a busy mom of three, the Campus Parent mobile app is an easy way for me to stay involved in my children's education."


Infinite Campus Also Offers Top-Notch Customer Support

In addition to commending the benefits and resources Infinite Campus offers, clients praise the company’s top-notch customer support. The company’s support team even won the 2019 HDI Team Excellence and Best Service and Support Culture awards. HDI is an industry-leading organization in the digital support-services sphere, and receipt of an award from HDI means a company or group has truly demonstrated exceptional leadership, vision and innovation when it comes to achieving customer satisfaction.

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The Infinite Campus support team works directly with authorized school district personnel — through forums, a dedicated support portal and over the phone — to address specific issues that users have with the system. The service also boasts a "Campus Community" feature, which allows users to access a full knowledge base, forum discussions, learning tools, a dedicated support site, an upcoming events calendar and more.


"The Campus Community gives our staff the tools to be independent," a Montana School District leader shared in a testimonial on the company’s website. "If they have a question, they can usually find the answer themselves online." Needless to say, with great benefits and a robust customer support team, Infinite Campus is reshaping the way school districts, educators, students and parents approach education.